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Approach to the Issues

Mark is a Compassionate Conservative committed to: 

-Making Connecticut More Affordable 

-Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

-Reining in State Government 

If elected, Mark's legislative priority will be to protecting individual rights, while promoting the general welfare. As your representative, he will be your servant, not your leader. You are the leader of your government (“We the People”).  


Rights and freedoms are inalienable, and come from the Creator, not from government. 

Governmental authority derives from the consent of the governed. 

Good government begins with self-government, the family, and local government, then finally state government. 


The rules for commerce and taxation should be designed to promote prosperity for all through free enterprise, i.e. capitalism. The goal is to grow the “pie” bigger, not to redistribute the “pie” better. 

Individuals, organizations, and businesses should all be treated equally. None should receive favored treatment by government. No cronyism. 

Everyone has a moral obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  However, government is not always the best or only means to exercise that obligation. 











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