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If elected, my legislative decisions and priorities will be guided by Compassionate Conservatism. To me, this means that government exists to protect individual rights and liberties, as well as to promote the general welfare. Wisdom is required to balance these values. 


Make Connecticut More Affordable by:

-Prioritizing economic growth policies rather than raising taxes, which will result in more revenue
in the long run to fund local aid and unfunded liabilities
-Opposing unfunded mandates, which drive up the cost of local property taxes
-Reducing health care and insurance costs through increased medical service price transparency,
competition, and flexibility of coverage
-Lowering electricity costs by requiring real cost-benefit analysis of energy sources, rather than
imposing hidden taxes in consumer’s electric bills to support green-new-deal-type programs
-Opposing tolls (road taxes) that would collect less funds than estimated, and would never go
-Stopping Bottle Bill increase to 10¢, and preventing inclusion of non-carbonated soft drink containers


Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe by:

-Amending the well-intentioned but rushed police bill that impedes good cops, causes increased
crime by deterring proactive policing, and imposes burdensome costs on local governments
-Repealing sanctuary provisions that protect potentially violent felons, gang members, and
terrorists from federal immigration detainers
-Prohibiting deliberate bear feeding, and allowing limited bear hunting


Rein in State Government by:

-Passing legislation that asserts state law as superior to state employee union contracts for all
future contracts, as is the case in all other New England states
-Supporting local school system independence, and opposing forced or coerced regionalization
-Maintaining local control of zoning, letting towns adopt measures that make sense for them
(NOTE: the majority party’s membership continues to propose initiatives to override local zoning
-Revising the governor’s emergency powers to better ensure that constitutional rights are
protected, and that the legislature has more input during a prolonged emergency declaration
-Providing for school choice vouchers at 25-50% of public education cost, while allowing local
boards of education to keep the difference

Paid for by Mark4CT, Peter Dickinson, Treasurer, Approved by Mark W. Anderson 
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